Be Still

by Dark Satellites

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Dark Satellites
"Be Still"
Recorded at LEGOland Studio (please don't sue me) by Drew Rudebusch
Mastered by Howie Howard for multiple Sierra Nevada six packs
Artwork by Ethan Jones
Cover drawing by Elda Van Slembrouck

Thanks, Kate and Charlie for putting up with this shit.

For Mighty Max!


released April 9, 2016

Howie Howard: drums on Strange Song, bass on Just Dropped Out
Nate Bicak: drums on Just Dropped Out
Cole Wheeler: bass on Strange Song
Surajit Bhaduri: saxophone on The Landscape of Hell
Drew Rudebusch: everything else



all rights reserved


Dark Satellites Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: The Landscape of Hell
Listen now children, words can save our lives
Now you're forsaken, pray with all your might
You're stained, unsightly, wicked, unworthy
You need forgiveness or you'll burn forever underground
...the priest, he said to me
And in my frail, young mind I visualize
Stalagmites rise, impaling through my eyes
The landscape catches the glowing ashes of sinners, heretics, and snakes that slither on the ground
They kind of look like me...
Track Name: Flyover
When we were young, we heard a sound
It spun us around like Earth on its axis
It came from the east
Cascaded down mountains from the west ends of our fertile imaginations
From the middle of nowhere, we pack up, set out to find if we're not alone
We'll ask you where we'll take you there we'll ask you where we'll ask you where
Up in the air we're always there pick up the phone you're not alone
We'll ask you where we'll take you there we'll take you there we'll take you there
We're not at home don't call don't phone we're not at home we're not
We won't be home, we're on a spaceship
Hey man, I tell you, we're not alone
Pray as we search for the source of it all
The signal's coming from all around
Antenna's up
So we jump in and we set out hoping to find these purveyors of noise
And believing we're not alone
As we blast off our rockets
Just want to say, "Thanks for not flying over"
Track Name: Population 3810
What's up's got me down in this tiny town
Maybe I'm shrinking
Designs on fitting in
Or, one day I'll go to a place where I feel safe to think, to say the things I say
So hard to define
Bounds of this box I can't see from inside, yet feel from outside
Closing on me
Constrained, contained
I'll be forever tethered, but too strange to stay
This place will never define my life or change anything I dream, seek, want
Say your dry-eyed goodbyes
I'm done tripping on these brick streets.
I'll pave my own way out of here
I'm up
I'm now awake enough to see that all of me won't fit in a sealed up box where "The Good Life" sleeps quietly
I'll never sleep in here
I will find the seams
I will get away
Track Name: The Unreal Thing
If life is all a dream, am I untrue?
In my head, I shape a world anew
What's real, if not the chemicals inside my mind?
Disbelief suspended, I break through
My imagination in full view
I dream
Atoms in an embryonic cloud creating the life I feel like
Put away these eyes and look inside
I'm never coming back
I'm bored in waking life
Doesn't make a difference because it's real enough
I'm supporting cast in this act
You sing your best but I'm so out of tune
I sing when noone else is around
I'd trade a life of dreams, be dead, for just a thought inside your head
But I can't find a way to interest you
I seek a heaven only dreams allow and I control
Though I seem sick to those in real life, I haven't got the time
I've got my real eyes
Settled in the dust of an ideal moment
Doesn't make a difference, because it's real enough
Track Name: Real Eyes
Track Name: White Gold
Think about the people in the street
I can save them, I just turned twenty
Try to find a place up in the sun--lots and lots of heat for everyone
Whitebread optimism ain't for me
Ignorance is their philosophy
Progress, non-participatory
Flee the affluence and make my peace
Betcha I can make it in the streets, like The Wire's cast on my TV
Cuz I know better, yeah I know better than you all think
I can fix this evil place
Write a song and save my face
Every night and day, eternally, I carry my own weight in gold
Track Name: Noflakes
Watch out, snowflakes meander and land on my face sometimes
White out, blinding, chemicals binding
I wish they'd all just disappear
They want to fly and shimmer in the light, making silky, white pillows on the ground
Numb and icy, I wonder if I'll ever sublimate and feel free
And watch the spring heat evaporate the mess as what was white turns dirty grey and gets churned up with road salt, gravel, and regrets
I wanna melt away sometime
I know I'd have a good time
Flutter softly
Burning white calls me
Glisten with a tempting sheen
Tease of some things, knowing what my stupid heart wants, but confusingly
This hex on me--frozen lethargy
Still I wanna break these bonds and trickle down
Phases of me awaiting energy
Crystalline purgatory
Or am I safe here, locked up, never seen?
So out of focus, playing make believe
Chasing snowflakes, what will come of me?
My frozen, indecisive life
So frigid in an Arctic mire
Powder burning my eyes
Crystallizing my demise
I really don't know at all--am I changing?
If life's a risk, I'll pay the price
But I'll warm up on my own damn time
One day I'll finally realize...
I hope I have a good time
Track Name: Strange Song
Caught up in a dream of mine--big surprise
Love life, live a long time
I want to try
If it weren't for the landmines exploding in the back of my head
Can't argue.
I can't fight.
I'm never right.
After all, maybe he's right: I'm off inside
Cruel words of a stranger who's always in the back of my head
He doesn't shout, he gently speaks
Persuasion comes so cheap when he's been wearing me down so long
I wanna scream, "Are you finished yet?"
Feel so discarded, I'll go and hide
Can't tell if it's real or my worried mind
Past enemies of mine are trolling in the back of my head
Squirming in the moonlight, another night
Another year in the grip of my darker side
Stop fidgeting long enough to see it's not so bad, and I'm dead
I wanna breathe the air in peace, be present, be now, not dreaming
Taking it in, not venting
I wanna scream, "I ain't finished yet"
Before I self-destruct, the pieces showering in phosphorescence
Glowing in rememberance of the things I took for granted
All pretenses burning up in outer atmosphere, dazzling in shameful glances
Before I'm gone, remind me I'm not dead... just dying
Track Name: Shrine of Bruises
I look back on my life, I sigh, and then I wonder what happened
I used to hide in my lonely head, but now it's not very quiet
Sometimes I wish I had youth again
But nobody's asking
Eras of lost time I can't recall
What was I doing?
Wide awake, my head, it aches with reticence to own the past and take the blame
Wide awake, my head, it aches with eagerness to leave the past and take my place
People and places that haunt me still
My private museum
Wish you could see them
Inanimate planet inside my head
A place to be guarded
Forget how it started
Because history's fuzzy and prejudiced
Preserved but so hazy
Torch it and run
Make it disappear
Created by my hand: a burdensome wasteland
Wide awake, my head, it aches with reticence to own the past and take the blame
Wide awake, my head, it aches
I'm ready to change
Can't let go of the dullest pains
They've all been wrapped in cellophane
Just dwelling on it
All alone, another day
A force of habit, more of the same
Silly things are dragging me down
Closing in, there's no way to slow it down
A tidal wave of old hate
Smothered by it
I'm burning down the shrine today
Torch it all
Set ablaze
Drive away
Forget about it.
Track Name: Just Dropped Out
A portal opened up through time and space
Led us directly to a perfect place
Illumination in the light of day
And drink up potion in the night until we see that time has stopped,
and I'm lost,
and losing track of light and time of day
The season opens up for idle play
These foothills feel like infinite stairs
It leaves me burning up, but I don't care
I'm happy just to see you smile
That's fine
Worries won't reach us through light and time
Burned out, desperate
Just can't take it
Need a wormhole just to shake it off
And if it's just too much, run away with me sometime
Remembering that "normal" is no way to waste life
Where sunshine turns to gold, run away with me sometime
Loosen up and stretch out your fingers, scrape the sky
It meant so much to me
The kind of place you want to see
The person that you want to be
We're lost in time, forever free
We'll never lose this perfect memory as time takes us and light takes time